A downloadable game for Windows

This is a little space shooter i have used 2 days on.

you controle with A and D to go left and right and you shoot with left and right mouse button. left is a singel shot while right is a double shot but it takes longer to reload.

you mist fist doge all the shots that is santa is firing after qazi untill you catch up with him. there after you must defeat him and claim you victory.

Game Detales

There are no sound in the game yet.

you have 10 Hp. you lose one each time your hit.

the boss has 25 Hp and if he touch you he gives you dammage as well.

do mind that there are no health bars. and no menu. Because i don't know how to do yet so they are not in yet.



QaziGame.rar 11 MB
QaziGame-zip.zip 13 MB